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Neuropsychological and Psychological Evaluations in Criminal Law

Neuropsychological and psychological evaluation reports assist the fact finders in determining numerous mental health related questions related to criminal law including:

  • Mental state at the time of the commission of a felony including Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity and Diminished Capacity
  • Mitigation in capital murder cases and other crimes
  • Competency to stand trial, competency to be executed, capacity to waive rights including Miranda Rights
  • Malingering and symptom magnification
  • Risk assessment for violent and sex offense recidivism
  • Risk to self and others in psychiatrically disturbed offender
  • Juvenile waiver
  • Upward extension arguments of Roper V. Simmons/juvenile conduct involving presentation of current neuroscience research on brain maturity
  • Evaluation of conduct disorders and causative factors in children/adolescents

At Forensic Psychology & Neuropsychology Services, P.C., we work for criminal defense as well as for the prosecutor.
Dr. Mack has a national reputation in the neuropsychological and psychological evaluation of criminal, especially capital homicide cases. His book on The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo: The DC Sniper focused on Dissociative Disorders and Reactive Attachment Disorders in the understanding of that case. Dr. Mack’s opinions have been accepted by courts at the Federal, State, and Municipal levels and by State Supreme and Appellate Courts. Dr. Mack has testified in homicide cases throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania and in Delaware, Nevada, and Virginia and has evaluated capital homicide cases in other states as well including California, Florida, and Alabama.

In criminal cases, Dr. Mack has worked extensively for various offices of the Federal Public Defender in PA, NJ, DE, NV, and AL. He has also worked extensively in criminal cases with local offices of the NJ and PA Public Defenders. Dr. Mack has worked for different prosecutor’s offices in the states of NJ and PA. Dr. Mack has been involved in assessment of a wide array of forensic mental health risk assessment of violent and sexual offense re-offending. Dr. Mack has been retained by numerous private law firms in criminal cases.