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Neuropsychological and Psychological Evaluations in Civil Law

Neuropsychological and psychological evaluation reports assist the fact finders in determining numerous mental health related questions related to civil law including:

  • Plaintiff and Defense Independent Neuropsychological and Psychological Evaluations (IMEs) for civil cases
  • Personal Injury Litigation
  • Auto and Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Detection of Feigning, Malingering, and Symptom Magnification
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Toxic Tort
  • Disability Determinations
  • Civil Competency and Testamentary Capacity Evaluations

Our work in civil cases is approximately 50/50 defense and plaintiff.

Neuropsychological evaluations determine the presence or absence of brain injury and cognitive damages from a variety of contexts including: Post-Concussion Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, Toxic Exposure (e.g., lead, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, carbon monoxide, etc.), anoxia/hypoxia, and electrocution injuries. Disability determinations may include any disease state with neuropsychological and psychological impacts including, for example, Lyme Disease, dementia, strokes, psychiatric medication side effects, head trauma, and neurodevelopmental disorders including Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and full range of psychiatric disorders including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenic Disorders, Depression/Anxiety Disorders, and Substance Abuse.

Neuropsychological evaluations can offer empirically-based evidence of brain injury in the absence of positive CT, MRI and EEG data where neurodiagnostic imaging studies are typically negative (e.g., in cases of mild traumatic brain injury/refractory concussion or early/mild dementia). Extensive research supports neuropsychological testing as the “gold standard” for the evaluation of traumatic brain injury. Furthermore, neuropsychological evaluation is the only way to scientifically demonstrate the behavioral and functional effects of neurological disorders and diseases.

Dr. Mack has been extensively retained as an expert by numerous private law firms and insurance companies in civil cases.